Why quartz

The most known thing about quartz is its beauty. If this was its main attribute, our description would’ve stopped here, but its most important qualities are way beyond the visual dimension. Resistance should be the most common word used when we talk about it. Because of its power and superior flexibility, quartz is resistant to abrasion, scratches, chipping off, breaking, high temperatures, frosting and defrosting, chemical products, acid, dissolvent and must.

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It’s a minimum absorption and porosity material, it’s anti-skid and easy to maintain in good condition. It’s not easy to pick, though, as the color options are unlimited and there’s a diverse range of sizes, shapes and textures that will boost your imagination to create tons of adequate combinations for any given type of space. Moreover, it’s easy to transport and install anywhere. Therefore, at home, you can use it as window lintels or for walls, floors, stairs, and even kitchen countertops or bathroom sinks. Thanks to its ISO certified superior quality, quartz is perfect for stores, shopping centers, airports, stations and museums.